Friday, April 18, 2014

TTT & Uber Team Up For Free Rides in Boston!

So as y’all know, we are a meer days away from the 118th Boston Marathon. Living in this city and being a runner, this time of year certainly brings to the forefront the fears and anticipation from last Patriots Day. 

It was a scary, terrifying time for this Hub I call home. But most importantly, through living here I’ve noticed a huge amount of growth and strength come from this city. I’ve seen an element of community that was not so present in years past. We’ve come together and proved that just like running, we should keep our focus forward and not look towards the fear of the past. 

In honor of this momentous year of growth, I’ve teamed up with Uber to help provide safe transportation on Marathon Monday and beyond. This year is doing something a bit different. They are showcasing the heroes of Boston. 

Uber Boston is giving you the opportunity to request a ride from one of the many Boston firefighters, nurses, police officers, EMTs, teachers, etc. who partner with Uber as drivers in their spare time. You can toggle between the different car types and, for Saturday only, select "BostonX" to ride with one of these heroes. 

Pretty cool, huh?! Talk about riding around in style. 

And if you're new to Uber, they want you to ride for free (up to $25 using my promo code, redeemable anytime). 

Use my discount code, “TRENDYTRAINER14” for your free ride or simply click HERE and it will take you directly to the Uber sign up page with the discount code already embedded.

Let me know if you have any questions or run into any issues! 

Happy riding :) 


Monday, April 14, 2014

I'm Taking On Another Challenge. Join me?

Do y'all remember the last time I did the Advocare 24 Day Challenge?

Spark for dayzzzzzz

Amazing food. 
Results to prove my hard work. 
Not only did I finish the challenge feeling absolutely amazing and FULL of energy, I gained a lot of willpower that I didn't have before. It sounds sort of cheesy, but I felt like I was able to finally control my relationship with food. 

Don't get me wrong. I love FroYo and wine, yet experiencing 24 days of clean eating and eliminating dairy, wheat and alcohol made my body a happy one. And since the challenge ended in January, I have been able to maintain my leaned out look, but most importantly my undying love affair with food. 

Well, friends, I am hosting my second challenge and this time I am a COACH! 

Okay, okay ... I guess you can say I've been a coach for 7 years (through teaching spin and being a personal trainer) but now I have become an Advocare coach.

My goal? For you to not only have an incredible 24 days, but also use this as a platform to make minor changes in your lifestyle.

I am starting on May 1st ... that's a Thursday ... and would love for you to come along for the ride. And not for nothing but when we're done with the challenge it'll put us smack dab at the beginning of bathing suit season!!

{happy dance, happy dance}

If you have any questions at all, or are interested, email me at trendytrainer at gmail dot com

Now all we need to do is come up with a cool team name! Mmm ... the Trendy Transformers?


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Top Posts: What You Missed This Week! {4.7}

I can't believe the weekend is already over. {sad face}

In high school I used to hate Sundays. The dread of school, homework and tests ... it was all anxiety-filled. But as I've got older, the stress of the impending workweek has been replaced with brunch with friends, morning yoga classes and cocktails at 1 p.m. My definition of 'Sunday fun day'.

Not too shabby. 

Yet when Sunday evening rolls around I begin to feel the high schooler inside of me come out. Unfortunately, the weekend is over. But lucky for you, I haven't forgot about my BostInno roundup!

Move yourself.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Why Fridays Steal My Heart. Always.

Ah Friday. The last day of the work week, the day before two full days of freedom. Heaven.

Even more amazing is when it's been an especially busy week and I don't have a lot of weekend plans.

Call me crazy, but I enjoy a glass of wine and my couch on a Friday night.

This is why I'm single. 

But this weekend, while low key, I get to partake in some fun happenings.

I'm not sure if y'all remember when I took Barry's Bootcamp and The Handle Bar classes in November, but that was all for the program Lace Up 365 ... New Balance's celebration of their 25 year partnership with the Susan G. Komen Foundation.  

To honor this milestone and those affected by breast cancer, starting November 1, 2013, supporters can dedicate their daily workouts to a breast cancer survivor featured each day on by tagging social media posts with the #LaceUp365 hashtag. source

NB has been an incredible company to team up. So I was thrilled when they asked me to come join them at a yoga class being held at North End Yoga tomorrow. I mean, what's better than a little downward dog on a Saturday?

Saturday night will be spent with one of my bests as I introduce her to both Flywheel and sweetgreen.

Am I a good friend, or what??

Sunday is supposed to be in the mid-60s ... YES! Sunshine, BBQing and getting ready for the week.

But I don't want to think about that right now.

What do you have going on this weekend?


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Wrapping Up In Chi-Town

Yes, it has taken me about 2 weeks to recap my blend trip to Chicago, so? (part 1 & 2)

Our last day was both sad and sick-filled for me. I woke up on Sunday morning with a terrible head cold and sinus pressure. I’m pretty sure all of the alcohol from the night before didn't help. Regardless, us ladies ventured to an early breakfast at Little Goat where I enjoyed 1/2 a cinnamon bun with Melanie and yogurt and granola. 

This was one of the cutest restaurants ever. Down to the mugs and the fact they served goat’s milk … I mean, really? Clever and cute. 

After breakfast I decided to do everything in my power to get on an earlier flight home. I originally was going to spend the whole day in Chicago — explore more with my client and be a tourist. Unfortunately I was so under the weather all I wanted, and needed, was my bed and NyQuil. 

$75 and a 2.5 hour flight — I was home.

Even though I wasn’t feeling my best, I already missed these girls. The best part about getting together is that even if it has been months since we’ve seen each other, it feels like nothing has changed. We go right back to where we left off. 

Amazing conversations and unmatched support. It doesn’t get better than that.  

Do you live close to your besties or are you scattered across the US?


Friday, April 4, 2014

Deep Thoughts & A Deep Lunch

If you missed part one of my Chicago recap... make sure you check it out! 

Saturday morning came and I promised myself I was going to check out Flywheel Chicago. As of recently, I’ve fallen in love with the Boston studio; the instructors, music, atmosphere — I’m hooked. And being a spin instructor for 7 years, I’m a hard one to please when it comes to indoor cycling.

I’m picky, so sue me. 

The studio looked brand new and the front desk staff was cheery and very helpful. I got assigned my bike and grabbed my spin shoes. I was pumped. The instructor, Candy, was so energetic and motivating without being an annoying cheerleader — I told you I was picky! At times she would get off the bike and individually help up increase our cadence.

This personal attention in the classroom is one that rarely exists. Most instructors, myself included, tend to stay on the bike for the entire class and motivate more generally. It’s really up to your audience and what you think they will enjoy, rather than forcing a type of teaching on students that prefer the opposite. But for a Saturday 7:30 a.m. Spinning class with many new faces, Candy got it and taught an amazing ride.

As opposed to staying in a hotel, a personal training client of mine who moved away about 2 years ago offered for me to stay at her apartment in the city. Thus, after FW I headed back to her apartment to shower and get ready for my day of shopping and sight seeing with the ladies. Not before I hit up the corner grocery store for some fruit and yogurt.

If you travel frequently here’s your TTT fit tip:

  • Stock up on fruits and veggies that you can keep in your hotel room. If you have a fridge, do most of your shopping at the store and you’ll save money and calories throughout your travels. 
A quick shower and I was heading over to the hotel to meet up with the ladies. 

Lots of walking, seeing the Bean and shopping made us some hangry blends. So we sat down for some deep dish pizza at the popular Giordano’s and had deep conversations. Deep conversations? Yup. I love how we can begin talking about random life events and suddenly we’re sharing intimate stories and memories. And the best part there is the undivided attention throughout the entire chat. No phones. No interruptions. Just good old fashioned conversations.  

After we stuffed our faces and bellies, it was time to go back to the hotel. More chatting, a little wine drinking and Katie helped Mel apply her first set of Jamberry nails!!  **Side note** If you're interested in trying these out, contact Katie. She is amazing and knows all the tips and tricks :) 

As if we hadn't eaten enough — like that’s a real thing — dinner was at a 7:30, so we had ot hustle. I was dining at with my client, Whitney and another previous client, Courtney at Mercadito, a FABULOUS Mexican restaurant with probably the best tacos I've ever eaten. Seriously.

After dinner we headed to RM Champagne Salon Bar for a quick after dinner night cap. Perfect way to end the fun-filled and food-filled day. 

Day 3.... coming soon :) 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Blends Do Chicago & Other Hilarious Hashtags

In an effort to not bombard you with my weekend recap, I’m going to break this bad boy into a few different posts. Don’t worry, you’ll still get to see pictures and hear all about the hilarities that ensued this weekend.

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to spend 3 days with 3 of the most amazing individuals. With Becky living there and it being a somewhat midway spot for us to meet, we all packed our bags and headed to the windy city for an unforgettable girls weekend. 

There was lots of laughter, tears of joy and sadness, deep dish pizza and plenty of hotel room snacks. Everything, even the midday quiet time, was enjoyable because I got to spend it with these girls. 

I arrived in Chi-Town on Friday around noon and was shocked to be greeted by Katie and Melanie at my gate as soon as I got off the plane. I immediately screamed and hugged them both, probably making a scene, but I didn't care. Heading down to baggage claim, we all couldn't contain our excitement. Being reunited with friends whom you share such a palpable passion with is unmatched. 

Becky was an amazing host and picked us up at the airport so we could avoid dealing with an overpriced cab or the train into the city. She dropped us off at the hotel where we freshened up and then decided on where to go for lunch. Eataly, a famous Italian marketplace in Chicago, honestly made me feel like I was back in Tuscany. You can eat, drink and shop for everything Italian here. An open-faced eggplant sandwich and minestrone soup sounded delicious and exactly what I wanted after a long day of traveling. 

Once we all restored our blood sugar levels and controlled our verbal diarrea of excitement, we walked around for a bit before retiring back to the hotel for a little relaxing before dinner. Yup. It’s safe to say I literally ate my way through the city best known for its deep dish pizza and extensive restaurant options. 

This was also the time where I got to open my birthday presents! A beautiful green scarf from Melanie’s recent trip to Paris and a gorgeous bow ring left me with only one thought, ‘these friends know me’

I’m obsessed with both and can’t to be reminded of this trip and my friends when I wear them. 

Dinner was at Nellcote and was amazing! We opted to share a margarita flatbread, roasted brussel sprouts and sinfully delicious mashed potatoes. Conversations varied but the happiness radiating from all of our faces was proof we were all happy to finally be hanging out. Oh yea, and Becky’s 6 lb. dish of brownies waiting for us back in the hotel room was something to smile over as well. Mmm….

Raising a glass with my ladies 
Where there is food, you'll find us snapping photos 

Round 2 of my weekend to come ...