Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Shining Activity Device That’s Keeping Me On Track

A few months ago I was asked to review an up and coming activity tracker. Why have I waited so long to review it? Well, just like any device, I wanted to see how much I used it in my day-to-day life. 

Hint: Every Damn Day. 

The Shine, a sleek tracker made by Misfit, is just about as classy as they come. Attachable to your clothing, sneaker or worn as a bracelet, the Shine discretely measures the steps you've taken, calories burned and also illuminates as a clock. 

The disk-like device is activated by a slight tap on its exterior. The first illumination shows how many steps you've taken while the second two lights shine like hands of a clock displaying the time.
Back clasp .... oh heyy Flash Tat :)

Wirelessly syncing to your phone throughout the Shine App, all of your data is available at your disposal to evaluate. 

Personally, I use this as a ‘check-in’ for myself. Now that I am desk-bound twice a week, I find I'm much less mobile on those days. I set a goal of 10,000 steps and strap on my Shine. Once the day is done and I’m climbing into bed I pull up my Shine app and see just how far I walked, ran and just plain moved.

So what does this mean to you? 

Well, if you're looking for something that will hold you accountable to workout, stay fit, get fit or just move more — this is it. It’s simple to use and stylish design will have everyone asking what you're wearing. 

And while my style is sporty by nature, I have to say I wear this gadget wherever I go. Out to dinner, to the gym or walking Baxter. I really enjoy the simplicity while (in my opinion) being comparable to a Nike Fuel Band or FitBit. 

Did I mention they come in an array of colors? 

Yup. Shine on my friends, shine on. 

Disclaimer: Misfit Wearables sent me a Shine to review. As always, all of my opinions and commentary are my own. 

Friday, September 5, 2014

5 Things I Currently Can't Live Without ...

It's been a while since I did a lil' ole roundup of my favorite things. So, in an effort to make you all as obsessed as I am with these products, here we go ...

1. Spark Fruit Punch

OK. Without getting to graphic here coffee hasn't been settling with me lately. I'm talking gurgling stomach noises and bloating for days. And while I love the taste of coffee (preferably black) I can do without the residual GI issues. 

Catch my drift? Cool. We're done there. 

Since I don't wake up to birds chirping at my window and little woodland animals picking out which sports bra I will wear, I need caffeine to get me through the day. 

Enter Spark. 

Back in January I decided to become an Advocare distributor. And while there are products I can live without, Spark Fruit Punch is not one of them. Every morning I toss a scoop into a blender bottle and shake away. 

It's like juice, vitamins and caffeine all rolled into one. Order it here. You won't be disappointed.  

2. Olay 'Ultra Moisture' In-Shower body lotion 

My shower routine -- which can sometimes occur 3x/day depending on my teaching schedule -- is as follows: 
- Shampoo hair
- Exfoliate
- Shower gel
- Condition hair
- Olay in-shower lotion

Seriously, this stuff saves my skin in the winter. 

3. ClassPass

Ready for your world to be rocked? At $99 per month you can take 10 boutique fitness classes at supporting studios in Boston and NYC. I'm talking Btone, CorePower and an obvious choice ... Turnstyle Cycle with me!! 

ClassPass: Allowing me to take my friends classes without spending my entire fitness professional income.  

4. Whole Foods 'Make-Your-Own' nut butter

You didn't seriously think I was going to compile a list of favorite things without including food, did you?!

Come on, you know me better than that.

Whether you're a honey roasted peanut or raw almond butter fan, one press of a button and you'll have yourself the freshest nut butter around. Unless of course you make it yourself. Which I've done. But let's be real, the only clean up you'll have to do is wash the spoon after you dig into this delicious spread.

5. Mossimo Supply Co. (Target) sweatpants

My most recent obsession. These. Like really?

May never take them off.

I hope my dating life doesn't suffer.

And that's all I've got for today friends. 5 things that make my life profoundly better ... in my belly or on my body. 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My First Trendy Tour: Newport Beach & La Jolla

I am so excited to publish my first Trendy Tour! While it was relatively short, my fitness escapades while exploring southern California were anything but disappointing. 

After the IDEA conference ended, I decided to take a solo trip south for a little R&R. Staying in Escondido, I made my way down the Pacific Coast Highway. First stop, Newport Beach. 

For sand in my toes and salty air? Nope ... For yoga. 

Ekam Yoga, Newport Beach

I was introduced to Ekam by Natalie over at Hello Day. She is an ambassador for the studio and recommended I check it out as I drove down the California coast en route to San Diego.

Well, I am oh-so-happy she did. This place was spectacular. 

Upon walking in, I was greeted with a warm welcome. Clean locker rooms, Etsy-esque jewelry and funky yet fun clothing lined the classic white walls of their lobby. And I hadn’t even stepped foot inside the actual studio yet. 

I chose a Vinyasa class which ended up being absolutely perfect for me. I walked into the place where I was to practice and was blown away by the architecture and gallery-like feel of the room. A few paintings lined the wall — enough to create inquiry, but nothing that would distract your practice. 

Our instructor greeted us and asked us what we wanted to work on that day. With all of the juxtaposition of sitting and intense workouts, I agreed with the other student on twists … lots and lots of twists. 

And ring out we did. Like a washcloth full of water, we turned our bodies in different directions and allowed for optimal movement through our back, spine and internal organs.  

Price: $$
Parking: Yes! There is a huge back parking lot for yogis to use as they please.  
Perks: Upon leaving the class, I was presented with a wire basket of ‘chilled eucalyptus towels’. 

I want these after every workout.

Yup, you read that right. Cooled towels with a hint of heaven. Pure bliss and just what you want after an hour of deep breathing and even deeper back bending. 

SparkCycle, La Jolla 

Lobby of SparkCycle

When I started teaching at Turnstyle Cycle I was quickly introduced to SparkCycle through one of my colleagues. Having been the master instructor out in Cali, my friend had recommended I check out the boutique studio if I had time. 

Time? I've got nothin' but when it comes to indoor cycling :) 

So on Monday, I packed up my rent-a-car and drove down to La Jolla for a 9 a.m. class with none other than the owner of this adorable studio. 

Stephanie and I -- Love this girl! 
From riding to the beat of the music to some very challenging arm exercises, this class royally kicked my butt  in a good way! 

Post class, we were given chilled towels while we were cooling down. Honestly, I love this idea! Looking to try out a new studio in SoCal? Here are the deets.  

Price: $$ First class is only $10! After that there are a plethora of package options for you to choose from. 
Parking: Yes! SparkCycle will validate for the garage located right next to the studio  whoop whoop! 

Perks: Bumpin' music, pristine bikes and chilled towels; Need I say more? Also, their lockers rooms are amazing. Seriously, anything you could ever need! 

Do you like to try out fitness studios while on vacations? Start sharing! 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Sweat Pink Adventure: Trending Healthy Living Blogger Roundup

I’ve decided I’m going to break the mold a little bit. 

Instead of giving y’all a day-to-day breakdown of the past week at the IDEA World Fitness Conference, I’m going to split my experience into sections: A brief synopsis, trending bloggers and my very first trendy tour of SoCal! 

Laguna Beach, CA
If you missed my synopsis, it’s here. Otherwise, let’s begin. 

Ah, bloggers. We come in all shapes and sizes, with different intentions, goals and time frames in which we are able to write. Some are professionals and are able to pay their bills with said work, for others it is simply a hobby -- a space away from their 9-5 jobs with a the main purpose of sharing healthy living tips, fitness routines and recipes with friends, family and followers. 
Moe, Jamie and Alyse
What ever their purpose or plan, I can safely say this is the most passionate and supportive group of people I’ve ever surrounded myself with. Ever.  

That being said, whenever I head to these gatherings (Colorado, Minneapolis or Boston) I’m always astounded by how welcoming everyone is. And whether I begin to read their daily blog babble or follow them on Instagram, I love the connections I make and how I continue to keep up with them as if we are neighbors rather than a nation apart. 

Run Eat Repeat (Monica), PB Fingers (Julie) & Fitnessista (Gina)
So without further ado, grab a cup of coffee and sit back. I’m pleased to introduce you to my mini roundup of newfound friends who I know you’ll enjoy following. 

Marielle, Fit Girl Pretty World
We’ve been online friends for a while, so when I finally got to meet Marielle in person it felt like we’d known each other for years. 

As a CSCS personal trainer, Marielle blogs about life, fitness and how she leads a healthy lifestyle. Follow her on IG, twitter or check out her blog — I guarantee you, her SoCal pictures will make you smile. 

Natalie, Hello Day  
Nicest. Person. Ever. 

Natalie and I met at the BlogFest cocktail party where she suggested I hit up her favorite Newport Beach yoga studio, Ekam. Well, I did just that and she did not steer me wrong. I quickly followed her on IG and found myself lost in the pictures of her adorable family and peaceful life. 

Hint: She offers up great post-workout hair tips! 

Nicole, Foodie Loves Fitness 
Nicole and I instantly hit it off. I’m talking BFF status. From our love of fitness to our chats about PR emails (a part-time job of hers), this Cali resident makes me want to move west just so we can hang out, have blog dates and workout together. 

Is this really too much to ask for? 

Erin, Power Fitness PDX/ Dig Deep Play Hard
The most energetic and positive award goes to Erin. Not only did she kick some serious booty in our morning workout, she was constantly coming to me with ideas about how we can possibly work together in the future. 

Umm … where do I sign up? Be sure to check out her App or follow her on IG, FB and/or Twitter

Shannon, Badass Fitness
Her website name says it all. Shannon is the ultimate badass — crushing our workout and being a wealth of knowledge at the Tabata Bootcamp booth at the expo — this chica does it all. 

Catch up with her on all of her platforms: IG, FB and Twitter

That was kind of like meeting at Starbucks for a coffee date, right? Hope you enjoy them as much as I do :) 

- TTT 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Rese-ing Out of My Comfort Zone {Fitness Apparel Review}

When it comes to fitness apparel it’s safe to say I am really picky about what I put on my body. 

I hate tags that itch and sagging-crotch crops really grind my gears. 

So for me instead of attempting new brands or styles I stick with what I know. I rarely detour from my extremely straight path that is my workout apparel. Heck, I know what I like and what works, so sue me. 

Until now. 

A newer company recently contacted me to review some pieces of their upcoming fitness look book and I gladly accepted. Because, honestly, this girl need to branch out of her 5 year old Lululemon bubble.

Rese Activewear sent along a gorgeous cardigan, sports bra, tank and crops for me to sample. And let’s just say, while I may have a undying love for Lulu, Rese is quickly beginning to take the lead with these stylish yet practical pieces. 

First and foremost I must confess — I have an affinity for interestingly designed backs of tanks and sports bras. I am talking crazy straps and key holes — honestly, give me a high neck and a bare backed shirt and you’ve won my heart. 

Well, ask and you shall receive. 

The articles Rese sent along delivered. The sports bra, while black in color, incorporates a double strap on each side that pairs perfectly with the teal tank I received. 


With a high cowl neck and large circle cut out in the back, this tank shows off the beautifully crafted straps without my spin class thinking I'm too houchy-houchy. 

Alright. Now that I have your attention, let’s chat bottoms. 

I’m a black girl. I’ve dabbled in grey and (gulp) colors — but for me, the classic noir crop is simple, goes with any top and … ahem … hides everything. 

Catch my drift? 

Well, in an effort to be exotic, I requested a pair of bright blue crops. I know, I’m absolutely crazy. And without getting too graphic on you, all of the things occurring on my backside — hidden. Now that makes for one happy customer. 

I actually think these blue pants have helped me conquer some insecurities. For me, well to put it frankly, I’ve always been an ass girl. Playing sports all throughout high school and running/teaching spin in college it’s just always been muscular. 

And while I'm proud of my lower body strength, my fear was these pants would accentuate an already prominent feature of mine. I. Was. Wrong. If anything these (paired with a black, grey or patterned white top) are absolutely adorable. 

Lastly, and certainly not least, I received a cardigan

Bathroom selfie. Classic. 
Nope, nope, nope — this is not just any old fitness top. This is by far the softest article of clothing I own. Heather grey, long in length and wavy drapes in the front, this garment also flatters even the sweatiest of fitness goers. 

Seriously, I’ve thrown this on over my spin clothes post class and gone out on a first date. No shame. No second date either. 

So there you have it TTTers, Ms. Trendy’s attempt at staying on point with not only the fitness fads occurring but also the fashionable side of working out. 

Because I have always believed that if you feel good about the clothes you wear to the gym, you’ll not only work harder but you’ll enter with an air of confidence … even if you do leave completely breathless from your bombin’ workout.  

Do you invest in fitness apparel or toss on any old t-shirt? Let’s start the convo. 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Sweat Pink Adventure: Volume 1

Before we dive into my past week of adventures, let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Last September Moe and I took a trip to Boulder and Denver for the healthy blogging conference called FitSocial. Among the breathtaking views we met some amazing individuals that I still keep in touch with to this day. One of them was co-founder of Fit Approach (aka Sweat Pink and SweatGuru), Alyse.

I mean it when I say it ... what ever conference or networking event I attend, it is the people that leave a lasting impression on me always. It's something to do with sharing similar passions. We just -- click.

And click we did. Alyse proposed that Moe and I lead a bootcamp the following year at the inaugural 'BlogFest' occurring as a subcategory of the IDEA World Fitness conference. It's safe to say I pretty much started squat jumping with excitement.

Fast forward almost one year later and here I am ... in Anaheim, California.

On Friday morning Moe and I lead a workout in front of about 50 healthy living bloggers and other fitness professionals. It was such an unreal experience and am so grateful to have been asked to be a part of this first conference!

Aside from sweating up a pink storm during our bootcamp, IDEA had a HUGE expo hall, fantastic educational sessions and one heck of an amazing host hotel. Seriously, if you're ever in Anaheim I highly encourage you to stay at the Anaheim Marriott -- I give them 5 stars!
(Above: Moe, Marielle and I. Bellow: Moe, Shannon and I. All post bootcamp)
And as I said -- these conferences, sessions and workouts would mean nothing if it weren't for the incredible people I met at them. From Instagram buddies to Twitter friends ... coming together at BlogFest was more like a reunion than meeting for the first time. 

My badge! 
Up next: I will share with you some of the innovative goodies and gear I snagged from the expo!

How was your week? What were you up to?

Saturday, August 9, 2014

3 Things I Share with My Dad: Birthday Edition

Yesterday was my dad's birthday  and to say I've learned a few things from him in my 27 years is an understatement.

The older I get more I recognize so many of my actions are a direct reflection of my father. And whether they're good or bad, I typically laugh due to the fact I can see myself acting like him.

So what exactly are these traits? Well, let's just say they're in my blood.

1. Running 
I've always been involved in sports. Ever since I was a kid I've tried tennis, field hockey, lacrosse, basketball, soccer, swimming and horseback riding just to name a few.

But running? That was never my strong suit.

It wasn't until college  warding off those freshman 15 -- that I really started logging the miles. And it was my dad who gave me that itch for pounding the pavement.

Completing the Vermont City (Burlington) Marathon two years ago that made me realize this similarity between dad and I. Burlington had been a marathon my father had run, so I felt it fitting to run this same race  hills and all.

2. Our passion for entrepreneurship
When I was growing up my dad started his own company. He worked tirelessly to grow his dream from a vision to a reality.

I truly believe that in order for this you work and have a positive (and lucrative) outcome, you must fuel it with passion. No, not half ass sporadic excitement but instead a deep rooted love, something that your entire being must embody.

And so he did.

Working late nights and long weeks, my father created and eventually sold a company he was proud of ... a passion turned vision that he started from an idea.

While I've yet to call myself an entrepreneur, I've noticed I have this bug  and without a doubt pretty soon it will unveil itself.

3. The value of a dollar
Let's just say I'm not a frivolous shopper. I rarely go to Nordstrom and drop 100 bones on a new outfit or pair of shoes. Like it or not, I'm practical with my spending.

I save. I hardly ever impulse buy. And I'll typically wear something into the ground. Case in point, my 5 year old Lululemon crops that are beginning to 'thin' on the thighs from pulling them on.

Unlike my frugal father, I don't compare reviews online 50x before spending the money, but that idea of thinking before you buy  Yup, I certainly got that trait!

So, happy birthday dad!! You've taught me more than you ever know about being healthy, happy and financially savvy. I love YOU!